Member of Chinese society of microcirculation, neurodegenerative diseases, Specialized Committee

Member management
The Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases (hereinafter referred to as "society") is a national, academic and non-profit two level Specialized Committee approved by the Chinese society of microcirculation.
Chapter I General Provisions
First in order to actively implement the aim, establish and improve the members as the main body of the community management system, to further strengthen cooperation with the majority of the members of the contact, enthusiastic service to members and membership support for the work of the Institute, according to the National Institute of science and technology China association organization and the general principles of China society of microcirculation neurodegenerative disease in the articles of association of the Specialized Committee provisions formulated membership management system.
Article second this article applies to the administration of the entry, withdrawal and daily activities of the members of the Specialized Committee of the Chinese Microcirculation society.
Third members of the academic community: individual members and group members. Individual members are divided into: Chairman, vice chairman, standing committee members, members of the committee, members of the youth, members of the group: the chairman of the unit, the governing unit, member units.
Fourth China microcirculation society neurodegenerative disease Specialized Committee member management, follow the strict examination and approval, voluntary membership, the principle of free will.
The fifth Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases of the Specialized Committee members comply with the provisions of the laws and regulations of the state and society Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases of Specialized Committee "constitution", and actively participate in the learning activities, learn to maintain reputation, to contribute to China's neurodegenerative disease research and clinical development.
The second chapter of individual members (hereinafter referred to as members)
Article sixth to apply for membership of the society to join the association must recognize the Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases Specialized Committee statute, voluntarily apply to join, and meet one of the following conditions:
(a) having a doctor's qualification;
(two) enthusiastic and active support of the health administrative cadres of the work of the Institute, or teachers engaged in medical education; members of the group eligible individuals can apply for membership.
The seventh will become Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative disease society member of the Specialized Committee, I shall fill out and submit the "Chinese nerve microcirculation society disease Specialized Committee membership application form", recommended by the unit, China nerve microcirculation society disease after approval by the Specialized Committee; Secretariat issued by individual membership card. New membership approval processing time in the first quarter of each year.
Eighth individual members enjoy the following rights:
(1) the right to vote, the right to vote and the right to vote;
(two) participate in the activities of the society;
(three) access to the priority of the society;
(four) the right to criticize, advise and supervise the work of the council;
(five) the priority of the publication of papers and information in the publications and academic conferences held by the society;
(six) voluntary participation, retirement will be free.