The Chinese Journal of microcirculation (Specialized Committee)


Chapter I General Provisions
This will be the first name: Chinese micro circulation ring neurodegenerative disease English Institute of Specialized Committee, the name of Neuro-Degenerative Disease Committee, China Society of Microcirculation, abbreviated as NDDC.
Second Specialized Committee is a neurodegenerative disease Chinese society under the leadership of the microcirculation level two, by the national science and technology related professional medical workers and medical management workers a voluntary, legally registered and established academic, public, non-profit academic group, is engaged in neurodegenerative diseases and clinical scientists based academic exchanges, to promote the academic development of the academic platform, a bridge and link between the medical profession and other government departments, is caring for neurodegenerative disease patients, medical attention to disease prevention and treatment of heavy power.
Third the aim is to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and policies, adhere to democratic principles, develop academic democracy, improve the professional level of business, promoting neurodegenerative diseases related to medical science prosperity, development, popularization and promotion, to promote the professional medical personnel and medical personnel management the growth and improve the quality of. To provide a variety of professional services.
Article fourth of the implementation of the China Institute of microcirculation policy guidelines, focusing on tasks and focus on scientific and technological work. Adhere to the scientific attitude of seeking truth from facts and the fine style of study, advocate the scientific spirit of "innovation, truth-seeking and cooperation". The combination of popularization and improvement, the combination of basic medical research and medical practice. Continuing medical education.
The fifth will accept the head of the business unit of the China Institute of microcirculation leadership and supervision and management.
Sixth Specialized Committee set up a chairman, vice chairman, standing committee member.
Seventh Specialized Committee chairman appointed by the Chinese society of microcirculation. Vice chairman, standing committee, members of the chairman of the board of directors of the country by combining the professional strength of neurodegenerative diseases, geographical distribution, professional balance principle. Once every 5 years, the chairman of the major hospitals from the well-known experts and professors, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee, the Standing Committee of the. The Secretary General and the Secretary shall be elected by the chairman.
Eighth this will be located in Beijing Aerospace Hospital.
The second chapter business scope
Ninth the scope of business
First, to carry out academic exchanges in this field, the organization of various forms of academic exchange activities, the focus of academic research and scientific research activities to strengthen the inter disciplinary and academic groups and the horizontal linkages between cooperation;
Two, editing and publishing medical journals, medical science popularization of reading books, medical books, papers compilation, medical information and medical audio-visual products;
Three, to carry out continuing medical education, encourage and organize members to study hard and constantly update the knowledge of science and technology, improve the level of business of medical workers and members;
Four, strengthen the neurodegenerative disease science work, improve social awareness for neurodegenerative disease, cooperate with social organizations, charitable organizations, various activities of the organization caring for the patients, to provide medical services and consulting services for the patients with neurodegenerative disease.
Five, strengthen the contact with the relevant professional foreign medical academic groups and medical science and technology workers and exchanges, to carry out international medical academic exchanges;
Six, organize and raise a variety of social capital, funding for the professional medical workers to study, research and scientific research papers published;
Seven, the selection and award of outstanding scientific and technological achievements in science and technology, academic papers and popular science works, publicity, reward the excellent talents of the society;
Nine, set up to serve the purpose of social welfare services and economic entities;
The third chapter rules
Tenth regular academic conference to strengthen exchanges
The annual academic conference will be held for the whole country, to encourage the nerve around the host, to encourage the active participation of neurologists around. Each conference will bring up 1-2 themes, the content will be closely around the theme of the conference, in order to closely combine the clinical, practical features. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen the continuing education of the clinical norms of the disease, so as to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of primary nervous system as soon as possible. Learn to regularly invite famous experts at home and abroad to carry out the new progress of neurodegenerative diseases and communication.
Epidemiology and treatment of eleventh major neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and motor neuropathy
Neurodegenerative disease is a common disease in the elderly, with the aging of society, the incidence rate is getting higher and higher, by the government and society. Association will be based on the status quo, based on these diseases, actively organize grassroots hospitals in the country to carry out screening, early diagnosis and treatment for the government to reduce a large number of financial investment.
Twelfth to encourage the development of young doctors, building talent echelon
Patients with neurodegenerative diseases. Due to differences in the level of regional development in China, the level of diagnosis and treatment is very uneven, so timely training of young doctors, especially young doctors in primary hospitals is a long way to go long term planning. Learn to work through the network, learning and other ways to provide a platform for learning and exchange opportunities for young doctors.