Development trend of neurodegenerative diseases in China microcirculation Society

General goal
Construction of a professional, practical and international academic exchange platform for neurodegenerative diseases
Professional development direction
With China's aging society coming, neurodegenerative disease prevalence rate increased year by year, has become the major diseases affecting people life and health, have an extremely negative impact on the economic development of our country.Based on the actual medical requirements in our country, NDDC takes the road of professional development, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in the pathogenesis, clinical treatment, comprehensive prevention and control of neurodegenerative diseases, in order to reduce the incidence and increase the treatment effect.
Practical development direction
Neurodegenerative diseases mainly occur in the elderly, and the incidence will increase by an aging population. Neurodegenerative diseases are insidious onset, progressive and irreversible. There is no effective drug treatment can block the progress of the disease. Based on the current situation of diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases in China, NDDC focus on the combination of academic innovation and translational medicine, vigorously promote the practical development of academic and technology, establish Consultation Center for neurodegenerative disease, give volunteer medical consultation, in order to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. 
International development direction
The diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases are a worldwide problem, and medical workers in various countries have paid a lot of work and work. Due to the late start, there is a definite gap between our country and the developed countries. Based on reality, NDDC adhere to the path of international development at the same time. We are committed to building connections at home and abroad medical workers exchange platform of neurodegenerative diseases, strengthen the international academic exchanges and cooperation, and to establish and perfect the society of overseas cooperation mechanism, the formation of normalized cooperation.
Cultivating sophisticated medical talents and practicing Chinese health dream
NDDC bear the mission of promoting the standardization of neurodegenerative disease diagnosis and treatment, and aim to create Chinese leading professional field of neurodegenerative diseases, build Chinese health dream. In the future, the committee will provide a practical platform and use committee huge assistance system and abundant resources expert instructors, master research interested in scientific research and clinical development of neurodegenerative diseases, graduate students and young doctors to provide professional training and learning opportunities, the development of the highest level China follow-up echelon their effort to develop the industry.
If you are diligent and intelligent, have a strong interest in the field of neurodegenerative diseases or original ideas;
If you are ambitious, you have the same enthusiasm for the rise of China's health care;
If you forge ahead, do Chinese future medical development leader;
We invite you to join!
Applicant criteria:
1. Medical students those who plan to further be educated;
2. Those who committed to engaging in neurodegenerative diseases research or clinical professional direction.
Training mode:
1. Recommend mentor;
2. Recommended practice hospital or laboratory;
3. Participate in research;
4. Recommend employment.
How to apply: 
1. Sent curriculum vitae to, and marked the resume "personnel training";
2. Or send your curriculum vitae to: Donggaodi Wanyuan Road No. 7, Fengtai District, Beijing; secretariat of CSMNDDC (received). Letter marked "talent training". Postal Code: 100076.