Donation profile

Chinese Society of Microcirculation Neurodegenerative Diseases Committee is a non-profit academic institutions. Now we receive donations from corporation and individuals to ensure our committee does work smoothly. We commit donations we received will be used to carry out an academic forum, community public speaking tour, free clinic, print commonweal publicity materials and funded medical research etc.

We will use the collective donations in the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and be subject to supervision from the public and donors. We sincerely thank all the people who care for and support the development of this Neurodegenerative Diseases Committee. 

Form of donation: transfer or remittance
Collection Account:0200 0010 0901 4432 313
Bank of Deposit:  Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Dongsinan subbranch
Name of Account: Chinese Society of Microcirculation
Note: please specify the words "public donation for neurodegenerative disease"