social responsibility


We vowed to protect every equal life, make health care. Let life be respected.

The high cost of medical expenses, the overall backwardness of the level of medical development, the uneven distribution of medical resources, resulting in China's social difficulties and social challenges, especially in the medical treatment of medical difficulties.

Learn to China microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases will protect human life and health of the Specialized Committee as their primary social responsibility, through the construction of academic exchange and technology and the medical institutions, to carry out industry cooperation, advanced the rational allocation of medical resources, maximize the community medical treatment, so as to improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative disease in China all people, for the benefit of the public.

Clinical consultation and teaching system

Neurodegenerative disease clinical diagnosis and teaching system is Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative disease society Specialized Committee initiated the formation of special disease teleconsultation platform, relying on the powerful Committee of experts and professors of resources, work together, by making it up, through the difficult medical information sharing, consultation, observation and other methods on the bed, to ensure the timely and efficient treatment of diseases, and comprehensively improve the level of diagnosis and treatment.

Mutual aid

We should establish a mutual understanding, mutual trust, mutual tolerance and mutual help between doctors and doctors, doctors and patients.

Mutual aid is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, the reciprocal relationship between doctors and doctors, doctors and patients is a significant feature of medical civilization and progress. Learn to China microcirculation neurodegenerative disease Specialized Committee is determined to build a fair and open exchange platform, build trust through understanding and tolerance produced by trust, because tolerance and solidarity, improve the doctor-patient relationship, improve the therapeutic effect.

WeChat public platform

Learn to Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative disease initiated by the Specialized Committee China neurodegenerative disease WeChat public platform, is China's most important areas of neurodegenerative diseases, doctors academic exchanges and doctor-patient communication tools, relying on a strong team of experts and the Committee for consultation network, difficult cases of group diagnosis and timely treatment and accurate service support.


As a member of the medical profession, I solemnly vowed to devote my life to serving mankind.

Medicine is a noble cause, she relates to life and health, people involved in public. Curative treatment is a realistic problem, she needs high cost, attached to the national economy and the people's livelihood. Specialized Committee is a neurodegenerative disease medicine group, we will keep the doctor practicing medicine oath, duty, saving lives, dedication not regret.

Community public speaking tour and charitable activities

In recent years, the incidence of neurodegenerative diseases in the world has increased year by year, is becoming a major disease affecting people's lives and health. Combined with the principle and characteristics of incidence of neurodegenerative diseases, the committee through in-depth investigation and research, put forward to prevent and control principle of diagnosis and treatment of synchronous Daizhi, and with the help of powerful expert team strength, neurodegenerative disease prevention self-examination thus initiated into the community public speaking tour and medical clinic to carry out charitable activities, early patient education, reduce the incidence probability.