Establishment of the magnetic resonance group of neurodegenerative diseases in China

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In December 4th, China society of microcirculation neurodegenerative disease magnetic resonance study group of the inaugural meeting of the Specialized Committee, Xuanwu hospital mental illness research center set up international cooperation conference, multi center data acquisition will start magnetic resonance and the 1st Beijing International Forum in Beijing Xuanwu hospital multifunctional hall held as scheduled. Although Beijing today is severe haze shrouded, but the Xuanwu hospital multifunctional hall is crowded from all corners of the country, All seats are occupied., including neurology, Radiology, research institutes and other experts in various fields and academician Zhan Qimin, chairman Li Yanfeng, Secretary General Xing Yan, Xuanwu hospital, vice president Jia Jianguo Xunming Kyrgyzstan for the establishment of magnetic resonance study group and come together.

A Xunming, Kyrgyzstan president presided over the meeting

The meeting chaired by President Ji Xunming, vice president of Capital Medical University Xuanwu hospital, Dean of the Kyrgyzstan in the conference of experts and colleagues expressed sincere thanks and warm welcome and introduce the conference very honored to be invited to the China Circulation Association chairman, Chinese Academy of engineering, director of the Peking University Health Science Center academician Zhan Qimin delivered the opening speech.

Two, academician Zhan Qimin speech

Then the famous speech of Zhan look far ahead from a high plane Xi General Secretary of the national health there is no universal well-off as the opening, he pointed out that the US group set up the general assembly has epoch-making significance, is in line with the situation of the national development and improve people's health as an important meeting to make the important academic activities is to Chinese microcirculation to contribute to the academic development. China now entered the aging society, the elderly disease especially in neurodegenerative diseases and cancer is the primary focus of prevention of neurodegenerative diseases, the committee will focus on promoting the Alzheimer's disease early diagnosis and early treatment, and improved prevention strategies. The magnetic resonance study of neurodegenerative diseases is a very important tool, and other disciplines such as infection and pay more attention to the study of cellular and molecular markers compared to the development of nervous system diseases is more dependent on the magnetic resonance imaging and magnetic resonance today study groups in the establishment of the general assembly of Xuanwu hospital under the guidance of Professor Han Ying, gathered the country's top scientists including neurology, Radiology, engineering science, physical science, computer science, cognitive science, to achieve truly interdisciplinary cooperation. It is believed that through the cooperation of the members of the society, it will play an important role in the study of biomarkers of neurodegenerative diseases. His last wish the conference a complete success and wish for in Korea under the leadership of Professor China development of neurodegenerative diseases has made significant achievements.
Three, chairman Li Yanfeng delivered a speech on behalf of the Committee and announced the election results, awarded a certificate
Then Specialized Committee chairman of neurodegenerative diseases China microcirculation Institute, Department of Neurology Peking Union Medical College Hospital chief physician Li Yanfeng chairman was highly commended for scientific research and clinical work of Professor Han Ying, with magnetic resonance imaging in neurodegenerative disease clinical diagnosis and scientific research to application, research and clinical workers in this field have done a lot of academic work, the formation of the important academic power. In order to better promote the magnetic resonance technology in the research field of neural degeneration disease academic promotion and academic exchanges, learn Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases Professor Ying Han Specialized Committee agreed to take the lead in the establishment of magnetic resonance study group. After the vote, chairman Li Yanfeng announced the first magnetic resonance study group Chairman Han Ying Professor, vice chairmen respectively, Cui Guangbin, He Guangjun, Yong He Ou Shan Lou Xin Xinghe five professors, Wang Jinhong, Hui pin crystal 44 experts as a member of the Standing Committee and issued a certificate.
Four, Xing Yan is the representative of the Secretary General for Special Committee Chairman Han Ying issued magnetic resonance group brand
In Xuanwu and Germany jointly approved hospital hospital of University of Cologne under the leadership of neuropsychiatric International Cooperation Research Center was established successfully, and the awarding ceremony.
The meeting was short and compact, followed by the magnetic resonance summit and the multi center data acquisition. Peking University central people plan distinguished professor, director of medical physics and Engineering Key Laboratory of Beijing City, Peking University professor Gao Jiahong director of magnetic resonance imaging research center brings a "wonderful report MR brain functional imaging acquisition and analysis of standardization" for us.
LV researcher: "multi center data acquisition program management"
Lv Su, chief physician, Department of Radiology, West China Hospital, Sichuan University, and a researcher of the "multi center data acquisition program management" of the national outstanding young and young scholars in Yangtze river.
Professor Zang Yufeng: "precise positioning of abnormal brain activity by resting state functional MR"
Professor Zang Yufeng, deputy director of the Research Center for cognitive and brain diseases, Hangzhou Normal University, Professor of humor in a humorous way for everyone to bring the "resting state function MR precise positioning of abnormal brain activity," a wonderful lecture.
Dr. Hao Lixiao: multi center data collection neuropsychological scale training
Finally, Jia Jianguo, vice president of Xuanwu hospital in reading Dr. Hao Lixiao for all of us to carry out the "multi center data collection neuropsychological scale training".
More than four reports for future multicenter fMRI data acquisition standardization plays an important role in the opening of the future, we will also be on the multi center data acquisition personnel launched several training.
Han Ying chairman summary
The end of the meeting, Professor Han Ying as the first director of magnetic resonance study group members to speak, she concludes do concise and to the point, is the hard truth, Professor Guo Qihao the Shanghai Huashan Hospital is our model and made remarkable achievements in ordinary work, because of his mental scale and magnetic resonance imaging data the delegation in China accumulate steadily, the group led by Professor Han in Germany during the exchange, caused a sensation in europe. Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases Specialized Committee magnetic resonance group will uphold the principle of interdisciplinary cooperation, win-win cooperation, solidarity and cooperation for the development of the motherland's medical and health undertakings to make a positive contribution.
I wish to China microcirculation neurodegenerative disease magnetic resonance study group of Specialized Committee is growing, in the Han Ying chair under the guidance on the upgrade!