Chinese and foreign academic coffee 2016 annual meeting of neurodegenerative diseases in Beijing

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October 14th -16, the theme of "scientific development to guide the future" of the Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases fourth annual meeting of the Specialized Committee and the first International Symposium on neurodegenerative diseases in Beijing. The conference attracted well-known academicians, experts and scholars in the field of Tongren and neurology at home and abroad gathered to focus on neurodegenerative diseases field focus and difficult problems in research, and demonstrate progress in the field of new technologies, new ideas and new research. More than 500 experts and doctors from home and abroad participated in this academic event. The meeting was presided over by Dr. Xing Yan, executive vice secretary general of China microcirculation society neurodegenerative diseases.
National Health and Family Planning Commission, director of the center for Sun Yang speech
Speech by Professor Xiu Ruijuan, director of China microcirculation Society
Academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, Zhan Qimin, executive director of the Chinese Academy of microcirculation, sent to the general assembly in the form of video
Li Yanfeng, chairman of the general assembly, the Chinese society of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases, Professor, professor and speech
The meeting organized by the Institute of Chinese microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases of Specialized Committee, General Hospital of China Aviation of China Medical University, Beijing Academy of Sciences Chinese Translational Medicine Institute Co sponsored the Chinese Medical Association Branch, China Association of Gerontology hospital neurology department of the Specialized Committee, Specialized Committee, Aviation Hospital Association Department of Neurosurgery Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Beijing Aerospace Hospital, Space Center Hospital, Chinese Journal of geriatrics and other 8 units jointly organized.
The national health and Family Planning Commission Medical Center Director, Sun Yang Chinese chairman Professor Xiu Ruijuan Institute of microcirculation principle, Professor Relkin and other guests attended and delivered a speech, academician, executive director of the Academy of Engineering Chinese Chinese microcirculation learned long academician Zhan Qimin sent a message to the general assembly through the video form.
General Hospital of China Aviation party secretary Wang Wenbiao on behalf of the undertaker speech
Xing Yan, executive chairman of the general assembly, the Chinese Microcirculation society neurodegenerative diseases Specialized Committee Deputy Secretary General chaired the meeting and made a special report
Professor Zhang Hua, deputy secretary-general of the China microcirculation society, acting on behalf of Zhan Zhan, academician, "report on the medical innovation of precision medicine
Conference site
At the opening ceremony, Wang Wenbiao, Party Secretary of General Hospital of China Aviation, on behalf of the undertaker, warmly welcomed and thanked the distinguished guests, experts and professors and young scholars. He said that in recent years, with the aging of the population prevalence rate increased year by year neurodegenerative disease with dementia, Parkinson's disease, motor neuron disease represented, neurodegenerative diseases become the focus in the international field of neuroscience. The conference brings together a large number of experts, will promote the development of neurodegenerative disease prevention and control work, the benefit of the majority of patients.
The president of the general assembly, China society of microcirculation neurodegenerative disease Specialized Committee director Professor Li Yanfeng as special committee work report at the opening ceremony. The report pointed out that the association was founded three years ago, has always been adhering to the "professional, academic and international" tenet, the constant innovation of academic exchanges and research cooperation, science popularization and so on, to the growing influence. Since last year, China Institute of microcirculation neurodegenerative diseases of Specialized Committee has set up two places in the northeast and Gansu branch, held a "reversible dementia: Hydrocephalus focused normal intracranial pressure (NPH) international senior seminar, symposium, youth dementia Academic Salon" and a number of academic exchanges, enhance the influence of society. In addition, the Institute has set up a clinical research center for the elderly neurological disorders, released a multi center collaborative project to support clinical research, and constantly promote the development of scientific research.
The theme of the report, Zhang Hua, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Microcirculation society, acting on behalf of academician Zhang Chi Chi "gathering precision medical attention medical innovation" report. The report pointed out that the medicine for medical development in China has brought a historic opportunity in the treatment of disease, the precise direction put forward from the perspective of molecular, and has important significance on early diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.
In the special forum, the General Assembly executive chairman, General Hospital of China Aviation, director of Neurology, Dr. Xing Yan as "normal diagnosis and evaluation of intracranial pressure hydrocephalus" special report. She said that normal intracranial pressure hydrocephalus (NPH) is an important reversible dementia, timely identification and diagnosis of the corresponding treatment can effectively improve the symptoms, but there are a large number of misdiagnosis and missed diagnosis in clinical. Professor Xing Yan focused on the research progress at home and abroad, introduced the clinical features of NPH and early identification and diagnosis.
University of Washington School of medicine Eric McDade theme report
Relkin Connell, President of the American Medical Association, director of the center for memory, Norman, as the theme of the report
Professor Gayatri Devi of the New York Center for memory disorders
Professor Thomas Wisniewski at the Langone medical center in New York
USF Health Byrd Alzheimer's Disease Research Institute, Professor David Morgan
Professor Potter Huntington, director of the Alzheimer's disease research center, Florida
Australian Pharmaceutical Research Center Margaret Morris special report
Professor Chuanhai Cao, University of South Florida
Professor Xiaobin Yi, University of Washington
Bing, Professor of clinical genetics, University of Sydney, Yu
At the same time, Professor Eric McDade of University of Washington School of medicine, Connell medical director Professor Norman Relkin of old memory center hospital, New York Gayatri Devi, Professor of memory disorders center New York Langone Medical Center Thomas Wisniewski USF Health Byrd, Professor of the Alzheimer's Disease Research Institute David Morgan, Professor of Florida Alzheimer's disease research center director Hu