Ten early manifestations of Alzheimer's disease

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This article compiled by Professor Li Yanfeng, the original copyright of all, please indicate the source.
People often ask the elderly at home is not Alzheimer's, dementia experts here summarized ten early performance, can control what, if these problems, with the best man to the hospital, clearly is not got dementia.
1, forget things, and affect the daily life
Memory problems, which is the most common symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, especially the more recent events, the easier it is to forget. Some important days such as birthdays, holidays and so on will also be forgotten, and will ask the same question again and again. Because it is easy to forget things, often put some things in small pieces of paper or notepad, some familiar housework will not do.
Physiological amnesia, with the increase in age, the ability of people's memory will be reduced accordingly, and sometimes can not remember the name of the friend, or promised a good party, but after a reminder can remember,
2, planning and digital ability decline
Elderly patients with dementia in planning, or dealing with digital correlation ability, patients seem hesitant, aimless, and the concept of digital computing or poor processing fees, every month bills have difficulty significantly longer than the original long afterwards.
Normal old people sometimes make mistakes, but they can correct them.
3, poor executive ability, can not complete the task
Patients are often difficult to deal with daily affairs, such as driving can not find a way to do the work or housework do not know where to start, chess game will forget the rules of the game.
Normal elderly people in the setting of a microwave oven or TV programs, the occasional help family.
4, the time and the sense of difference
Patients often do not know the date, season and time sequence. Because there is no concept of time, patients are often confused with the past or present, because there is no sense of position, the patient is currently in place or how to get to this position often confused.
Normal elderly people may not know what day of the week, but will be calculated.
5, the understanding of graphics, spatial structure
Patients will have visual problems, such as reading difficulties, can not judge the distance, the color can not be compared, because it can not understand the meaning of the road signs and distance feeling bad, driving a car will be very dangerous.
Normal older people may also have visual problems, but the visual blurring is usually caused by cataracts.
6, semantic comprehension and diction are difficult
In the language of communication occasions, patients often quiet, to join together to talk, or in conversation will suddenly stopped, or kept repeating. Empty words, difficult to find words, forget the name of the object, such as a watch, the patient will call it in the hands of the stuff.
The normal elderly people just happened to say the wrong things.
7, put things in the wrong place or not
Patients often put things in some strange places. Love lost things, it is difficult to find their own things. So often blame others steal his things, and more and more serious.
Normal elderly people will put the wrong place, but can find back.
8, judgment ability drops
The patient's ability to judge decreased, for example, patients with money to pay for the consequences of telecommunications fraud money. Ignore the basic knowledge of social life, such as not clear a pound of iron and a pound of cotton is important problem.
The normal elderly people have little chance of making mistakes, and they will listen to people to correct their mistakes.
9. Reduce work or social activities
With hobbies, social activities, work and sports will be reduced, is no longer fun loving fans, but also to the history of social activities, less absenteeism, lack of social responsibility and sense of morality
Normal elderly people to adjust to life, but rarely give up love.
10, emotional and personality changes
Patients will have emotional and personality changes, gradually become suspicious, depression, fear or anxiety. You often feel anxious when you are with your family, friends or colleagues.
Normal elderly people also have a unique way of acting, when others affect the law of life, I will lose my temper.