Professor Li Xiaoguang talks about ALS's drug treatment

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Author: Professor Li Xiaoguang
This article reprinted from the WeChat public number: nerve Xiaoguang, Neuroxgli. Copyright belongs to the original author, please indicate the source.
First, ALS can not be cured but can be treated, what is the purpose of treatment?
The purpose of ALS treatment mainly includes the following five aspects:
1 control the cause of disease: force such as too 50mg bid
2 nutrition management
3 respiratory management
4 symptomatic treatment, improve the quality of life
5 avoid heredity
Two, early diagnosis of ALS after the beginning of treatment is of great significance?
ALS onset is insidious, and the majority (about 80%) of motor neurons have disappeared until clinical manifestations. While ALS patients from the onset to the time of diagnosis is often due to various reasons, delays, foreign takes about 11 months, the domestic need for about 14 months, all foreign guidelines suggest that once suspected ALS began serving as too hard, it can be as much as possible the remaining motoneurons function and delayed neuronal death because the speed of peripheral nerve fiber is renewable, but also has a certain compensatory function of neurons.
Three, in the first time after receiving such as treatment, usually need to take how long?
The purpose of treatment is to control the cause of disease, to help patients achieve the most basic goal - to prolong survival, according to the data of foreign authoritative literature:
Eligible patients should take at least a year and a half of the experimental data from 301 studies.
Patients in general should take one year according to the experimental data from 216 studies.
Four, there are some patients in the taking of the Queen Mother gastrointestinal reaction, such as a large amount of reduction or even after the withdrawal of some relief, this is the side effects caused by too much? How to deal with patients?
Side effects of riluzole include gastrointestinal reaction to a certain extent, but generally not large, this situation with my analysis may cause mental or psychological counseling, give some suggestions and antidepressant therapy and in Rilutek reduction even after discontinuation of low-dose again from eating and gradually increased to normal the dose was observed, gastrointestinal reactions may be eased. If it is still very serious, it is determined by individual differences, it is recommended to stop taking medicine.
In a word, Rilutek treatment aimed at blocking the pathogenesis, delay the progression of the disease, its efficacy has not yet reached the reversal of the extent of the disease, its side effects are not large enough to affect the quality of life of patients, should be a rational view.