Brief Introduction of International Cooperative Research Center of Neurological And Psychiatric Disorders

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     With the approval of XuanWu hospital of Capital Medical University and Medical Faculty of Cologne University, International Cooperative Research Center of Neurological And Psychiatric Disorders (ICRCNPD) was established in 2016. ICRCNPD involves several different subjects including neurological and psychiatric disorders, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), positron emission tomography (PET) and data processing. China and Germany as the main body, with the mutual participation of experts from America, Australia and other countries in Europe.
   ICRCNPD aims to set up a multi-center normalized database of neuropsychiatric radiology, provide a international standard academic exchange platform. ICRCNPD provides technical support for subcenters including a battery of neuropsychological scales, scanning parameter of imaging and standard operating procedure. To ensure the accuracy and consistency of data collection, storage and analysis, we set twe center: the first is data center for saving biological and genetic samples and data analyzing; the second is imaging center for quality control of image data acquisition.
   Based on the idea of sincere cooperation and mutual development, ICRCNPD will gradually improve the management system and innovation mechanisms and contribute to the development of neurological and psychiatric disorders research.

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